Reports - winter conditions and activity

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lakes Winter Conditions 28-11-12

A cold clear day today revealed snow capped tops around the Lakes.  The most snow cover was on the Helvellyn and Fairfield range whilst other areas had much less.  The conditions are currently not really there for climbing, the saturated turf needs to freeze properly and due to the lack of snow blowing about or cloud being blasted onto the crags the steeper routes are likely to remain black for the meantime.  The conditions will be great however for winter walking and running with the most 'wintery' conditions being around the Helvellyn area, the edges giving a full winter experience for sure.  

Fingers crossed this could all change and we might get some climbing conditions soon, it wasn't too far away over the last few days!

 Langdale Pikes

 Flat crags and Bowfell Buttress can be seen on the left skyline and were looking fairly black

 Brown Cove crags, Helvellyn

Blencathra, Sharp Edge on the right


  1. Nice update. I'll be down in the Lakes in two weeks so it's always useful to know if I should bother with any winter gear or not!

  2. Nice update. Useful to know whether to bother bringing winter gear with me or not in a week or two!